The Biohydrogen-Factory

The german hydrogen-strategy, that was created in 2020, has set the course to evolve and implement hyrogen technologies more and more in Germany. The goal is the „decarbonisation“ of the German industry as well as the possibility to substitute mineral-oil-based fuels and mobility-concepts.

Since 2006, our company is developing technologies to produce biohydrogen for industrial purposes by utilizing biowaste. Biohydrogen can produced using fermentation-technology, similar to biogas in a biogas-plant.

We have developed and optimized a special process in cooperation with our partners, so that this technology now can be implemented and used by the industry. Now, our goal is to realize a first lighthouse-project, so that this technology becomes a standard-application for the implementation of a hydrogen-economy at the industrial location of Germany.


Herr Dr. Christian Huck
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