13. Januar 2018

Starting Sign for Biogas Production

Anja Siegesmund (Alliance 90/The Greens) in our house

The device will be available in March through the Bioenergie Verbund, which involves universities and companies. In the district of Maua in Jena, the mini biogas plant "Village Biogas" has been put into operation on Friday afternoon. This is an important step towards the complete and garbage-free recovery of biomass waste such as grass or leaves, it was said at the ceremony. Thuringia's Minister of the Environment Anja Siegesmund (Greens) visited…

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01. Januar 2018

Project Launch for Bipogas

Central Innovation Program for SMEs: "Project Bipogas"
Development of a process for the treatment of Biopolymers, with an aim to achieve material and energy use. The project aims to develop a process to recycle various commercially available biopolymers in terms of material or energy with high throughput and efficiency. The approach is a combination of enzymatic, physical, and thermal processes with a two-phase anaerobic process that enables an energetic utilization of the carbon load in the form of methane. Regarding the material use, the biopolymers are hydrolyzed in a process stage for enzymatic hydrolysis in order to repolymerize them in the next step.  
Project partners: Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena / Institute for Technical and Environmental Chemistry

17. August 2017

Launch of Project NEVO

Central Innovation Program for SMEs: Project "NEVO"
Development of a process for the mono-fermentation of nitrogenous manure and its technical implementation. The aim of the project is to develop a procedural concept for the use of nitrogenous agricultural manures, so that a mono-fermentation of these raw materials - in particular of poultry manure - can be realized.


Project partners: Gemes GmbH, Lytec GmbH, Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy, Dresden University of Technology, Robert Boyle Institute e.V.

03. Mai 2016

International cooperation

Ceremonial signing of the research cooperation  
On February 3rd 2016, the signing ceremony of the research cooperation between the companies SP-Multitech Bhd, Bio-H2 Umwelt GmbH and the University of  Kebangsaan Malaysia took place. Bio-H2-Umwelt offered its support in setting up a chair for renewable energy. Furthermore, a technology transfer is sought, because Malaysia has enormous potential regarding the use of German biogas technology.

Bio-H2-Umwelt GmbH

Leipziger Strasse 222

08058 Zwickau

Tel.: 049 (0) 375 30354323