Gaszähler als Einzelausführung

Mehrfachsystem mit 6 Zählern

Our gascounters were specially developed for biogas laboratories and suitable for the quantitative analysis of biogases. They are available as single or multiple systems.

Since they can work without mechanical installations, they are extremely low-maintenance compared to conventional products. The included software allows an automatic reading and conversion to a normalized gas formation.


  • High-precision, continuous, quantitative recording of the production of gas mixtures, as is usual in the biogas laboratory, up to 1 l/h.

  • The counters work without mechanic inputs and are low-maintenance

  • Determination of biogas production via a defined measuring chamber, which is filled with gas and displaces blocking liquid - a sensor measures and switches the valves so that the chamber empties again

  • A pulse generator measures the number of shifts and a software calculates the production of biogas, makes corrections to obtain normalized volumes, and automatically generates graphs (cumulative graphs)

  • Robust construction even for aggressive biogas

  • The counters are available as multiple systems and therefore offer a very good price-performance ratio

  • Accuracy up to +/- 1

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