The Village-Biogas process has its origin in the research institutes in Germany and now shall be available for everyone! Here, long-period development in the field of anaerobic digestion will be usable for the people! The biogas process is started by using compost, so you can slowly fasten your plant and set it to full efficiency. Its easy!

In every household, residues from plants, food or grass from the garden is available. Why not use its energy potential instead of just throwing it away or composting it? You could use the biogas for many purposes - especially for barbecuing, cooling, heating, and more!

We have developed this technology and created it in different sizes, so that also industry or even cities may profit. Of course the focus is different there, as then, automatisation and amortisation become much more important premises.

Generate biogas out of your biowaste! Become self-sufficient! We offer you sophisticated, small-scale solutions in several variants to provide for yourself:


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