This type of small biogas plant has been specially developed to economically process small amounts of grass clippings (up to 75 kg every 2 weeks). This amount is approximately on a 200 m² plot. Since simple handling must be ensured on this scale, this system works on a different principle than the large-scale systems of the CityBiogas series.


The grass cuttings are mowed directly into a strainer basket, compacted a little and this is inserted into the reactors. After sealing the plant gas-tight, the process begins and the material is finally converted to methane in the methane stage. In contrast to the CityBiogas technology, a highly efficient, two-phase percolation process is used here, because the phase of solid-liquid separation cannot be achieved economically on this small scale.


The plant can be run with both variants of the AutarkyGlobe. So the AutarkyGlobe is almost a protective cover and additionally everything has its well-defined place. Similarly to the Village-Starter series, you can also use vegetable leftovers and the BioPower fluid to maximize your plant's capacity to achieve the maximum production of biogas.

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