The Company

Bio-H2-Umwelt GmbH is an innovative company that is realizing research & development projects since 2004 in the field of biohydrogen-, biomass-, and anaerobic technology.

With the implementation of the “National Hydrogen Strategy 2020“ in Germany, the course had been set to evolve and implement hydrogen technologies more and more. In cooperation with our partners, we want to contribute by initiating the “BioHydrogen-Factory” as a lighthouse project.
Besides, we are planing and producing laboratory equipment as well as industrial- and building systems. With our product line “Labtool”, we offer highly user-friendly laboratory systems and equipment for institutes and laboratories with outstanding cost-effectiveness.

The product line “Village Biogas” instead, includes mini biogas plants in different sizes adjusted to different customer groups. The idea is, that everyone shall be able to achieve energy autarky to a specific level by utilizing biowaste and convert it into heat or electricity, which can be used in many different ways. Also, we offer the “Autarky-Globe”: a modular autarky system that includes hydroponic, a small biogas-plant, and other possible technologies.

Last but not least, we offer technical solutions addressed to local authorities, to utilize biowaste and green waste. 

Therefore the product line “City-Biogas” was created, which includes modular container-biogas-systems to produce electricity and heat. This allows to lowers disposal costs significantly and also contributes to implement environmental friendly technologies.


Von Biogas 2.0 zu BioWasserstoff

Start der BioWasserstoffforschung 2006


Business Fields

Laboratory Equipment

Our company is a supplier of laboratory equipment for biogas-labs. Highly user friendly equipment and outstanding cost-effectiveness. This is our motto!

Plant engineering

Miniplants and container biogas-plants for cities, hotels, canteen kitchens and house owners. Utilize your own biowastes and become more independant!

Gras zu BioWasserstoff