Laboratory Equipment

Our company is a supplier of laboratory equipment for biogas-labs. Highly user friendly equipment and outstanding cost-effectiveness. This is our motto!

These multifunctional bioreactors were developed for biogas- and fermentation-labs. They are setting a new standard in terms of ease of operation and functionality.

Functions and advantages:

  • chain-fastening system allows easy and time efficient handling and absolute gas-tightness

  • optional catridges allow to realize specific anearobic processes like percolation or packed bed reactors

  • homogenisation using special lab-pumps or stirrer systems

  • controlling the system via handy-app or PC

  • customization for special purposes possible

  • winding system for easy and clean removing of the cardridges

  • LED-lights

  • Integrated heating-system

  • Plexiglas-mantle as a standard, or stainless steel-mantle

  • Integrated in a robust Minitec-rack
  • Lots of fittings for analysing tools and measuring systems


Our gascounters were developed for biogas-applications and fermentation processes. They are suitable for the quantitative analysis of biogas and are available as a single or an array version. They are not having intern mechanical components which lowers the maintanance in comparison to other products available and making them very reliable. The software included allows a continuous and automated measurement of the gas-flow and the calculation of normed gas-values.


Laboratory pumps

Our fermentation-systems are equipped with pumps made by the company Aquabee.

They were developed for laboratory purposes and are able to process media having a high dry mass content up to 6%.