Plant engineering

Miniplants and container biogas-plants for cities, hotels, canteen kitchens and house owners. Utilize your own biowastes and become more independant!

The product line „VillageBiogas“ is addressed to house owners, or in general, to people who are planning to become more independant in terms of energy and heat. Therefore we offer feasable mini-biogas plants for everyone!

The bigger version of the „Village-Biogas“ technology is addressed to cities or communities, in order to utilize biomass like grass from landscape maintanance and other biowastes. High feasibility, process-stability and low invest-costs due to modular container components are featured by this product line.

A multifunctional protection shell for the VillageBiogas product line with a modern design. It is also a point of intersection for installing other environment friendly technologies, like photovoltaic, solarthermics and it also functions as an energy storage.
In addition, there is the possibility to install a hydroponic system, to grow plants like vegetables or herbs.