The Village-Biogas process was developed by german scientists and now shall be available as the first german mini-biogas-plant for households. Like this, research becomes available for everyone! We have developed this plant with the goal, that everyone shall be able to use it, without having a deep knowledge about the anerobic processes.

In most households, there is enough biowaste available in order to run the plant. Also, for example supermarkets and many more potential customers might be interested to utilize these commonly unused ressources which we call „biowaste“, that normally cause disposal costs, but could be used much better in another way!

Imagine, if you could use these wastes in order to operate your own biogas plant to produce heat or energy. Or simply use the biogas to run a gas-fridge, a grill or even gas-lamps! In addition you could produce a high-quality fertilizer to grow your own healthy food. Therefore we invented this technology! It is available in different sizes fitting the needs of several customer groups, from households to companies, even up to cities.

Produce biogas using your own biowaste and become more and more autarc! We offer different types of mini-biogas plants for everyone:


This version of the product line „Village-Biogas is the smallest version and operates solely with liquid, liquified or mushy substrates. Food-wastes and other substrates can be used here for biogas production as well as a premade substrate called „Bio-Power-Fluid“, that can be purchased and is also made of biowastes. This plant is not made for utilizing grass or other similar plant-biomass.


This type of mini-biogas-plant was developed to utilize gras and plant wastes in a reasonable way. Because of the small scale purpose, these plant using a slightly different technology than the bigger City-Biogas versions.

In comparison to the City-Biogas plants, here, a percolation technology is used in order to process the plant wastes. A sieve-cardridge is released into the reactors that are filled with the substrate. Simply fill them up and run the process!


This type of plant was developed for users, that have bigger amounts of organic wastes available, like hotels, canteen kitchens and much more.

The compact plant type is modular and therefore it is possible to reach up to 20 kW thermic regarding the performance. Depending on the size, the system is integrated in a globe or a container.