WasteCon is a fully automated containerized biogas plant for the production of biogas and fertilizer from leftover food, market waste and other biogenic waste.
The system is suitable as a disposal solution for use in the areas of gastronomy and hotel trade, food industry, catering, preferably with the aim of generating electricity and heat energy from the biogas produced. Further possible uses can be seen in the modification of the WasteCon system in gardening and landscaping, agriculture, as well as decentralized municipal disposal solutions for green waste.
The typical application is when used as a disposal solution in these industries with a quantity of input material of 350 kg to 2 tons per day, with regard to the daily throughput. Depending on the volume of waste, we offer the technology as a modular system, tailored to the respective location.

The WasteCon system was developed by German scientists and enables a clean, odourless, efficient, space-saving and mobile solution for the disposal of waste materials while at the same time generating electricity and heat energy.
The resulting organic waste is converted into biogas in a multi-phase anaerobic process, with high process stability and minimal maintenance and support costs.